A Sinless Lie

A thousand words, I have heard pass through your caustic lips.

Each causing me to force upon screams that would echo through not the sounds of men

but the echos of eternity.

Do you not know the true meaning of pain? For it is within thine soul that somewhere within

lurks the demons of your debauchery.

You call upon me, in your greed, you sate my need for your touch, your voice, your eyes,

with nothing more than a mere blow of your poisonous words.

And when I have finally conceded my soul into the palm of your hand.

A Coup De Grace so horrifyingly beautiful is dealt.

For it wasn’t your doing you committed this lie.

A blinded man wrecked with a need for you.

So is your sinless lie.

Windowless Tower

You smile with your cruel indifference, for what reason I wonder.

Your words a melancholic drug an addiction of which I would gladly surrender too.

To pull a man of feeble heart such as myself to you.                                                                                          To force me to ride upon fear to the tower upon I stood a front.

As I stood with bravery in hand and love in another.

I stood at the foot of thine windowless tower.

It was all a matter of pulling at mine heart strings.Really.

I called you out, your name of shameless beauty.
All for naught,upon the windowless tower.